Mount same name logic volumes
mount same name logic volumes

When using a new ssd to install Ubuntu 16.04 I whanted to mount the old ssd with 15.10 and both had the same logic volume name for LVM and refused to auto mount in nautilus.

lvm vgdisplay
# note the VG UUID for the old ssd
lvm vgrename <VG UUID for old ssd> <new name for old ssd volume group>
lvm vgchange -a y <new name for old ssd volume group>

Nautilus can acces the old ssd. To boot from the old ssd change the name back to the old volume group.

For ubuntu 15.10 the LVM logic volume name was ubuntu-vg.

If the disk is used after some time and you can’t remember the user password for the account:

I also had to activate the LVM volume with:

vgchange -a y my_volume_group

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May 3, 2016
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